A Little History



Born as an idea in 2013, lipservice was formed with the intention to create amazing and memorable social experiences in which people can feel good knowing that a night of pure fun can translate into tangible contribution in communities across the world.

Since 2014, lipservice has now raised over $100 000 in support of our charity partner, imagine1day, and has grown into one of the must-attend events in Vancouver (in our minds, anyways).

Why We Do It


It’s a movement powered by endless creative energy to help Ethiopia become the prosperous nation it aims to be. They work directly on the ground with partners at the government and community level to transform their leadership and help get the job done. That means they don’t just build schools, they create quality education in a holistic way through innovative thinking and a commitment to accountability. It means they focus on creating community ownership and making everything they do sustainable.


lipservice fam

lipservice founders

Squad Goals

lipservice was founded by Rachel Kelly, Michelle Lazar, and Mitchell Ballentine. When not planning the next lipservice, you can find them hiking up a mountain, dancing like no one is watching, or doing day-job things like planning (more) events or launching brands.

If you see us running around Vancouver, or at the next lipservice, don’t hesitate to say hi! We love to chat.