Open Call

Performer Registration is closed. Waitlist being taken.

We’re looking for 12 brave acts who are ready to go from regular guy/gal to lip sync superstar in the course of a single night. Well not exactly, as our performers typically spend weeks preparing the perfect routine to the perfect song.

Anyone can (and should) join the show, but be warned, it takes WORK and practice to hone a routine (two 60 second routines, that is). We’re not looking for professionals, just creative people with a flair for the dramatic, and who aren’t afraid to get on stage in front of 500 people. Oh, and each act (ranging from one to six individuals per squad) is responsible for raising funds for imagine1day in lieu of registration fees.

Fundraising requirement: $250 per person.

  • Solo performer: $250
  • Two performers: $500
  • Three performers: $750
  • Four: $1000
  • Five: $1250
  • Six: $1500

The Competition


The lipservice event formula.

Round 1: Seven head-to-head competitions between two performers, with each performance being a 60 second excerpt of your favourite jam. The winning performer/team (as voted by the audience cheers, no pressure) from each battle will be into the Final Round. The non-winners will head to the Underdog Round.

Round 2 aka The Underdog Round: The seven teams/individuals who don’t win their head-to-head battle in Round 1 will perform their second song (60 seconds), with the top Underdog performance being chosen by the judges, but not announced until the end.

Final Round: the seven Round 1 winners will then perform for a second time (60 seconds), with the judges scoring each performance based upon the following categories: stage presence, lip sync abilities (lyric knowledge), originality and creativity, crowd response, look and steeze.

Winners: After the seven finalists perform, our guest judges will deliberate, and relay the winner, first runner-up, and Underdog winner based on which performer(s) received the highest overall score.  Our MCs, the Sunday Service, will make the big announcements to end the competition.

Tell me Why?

Make the world a better place. Have fun.
(Maybe) win a prize.

Need a little incentive? Since 2014, lipservice performers got to entertain over 1500 fellow Vancouverites, while helping to raise over $72 000 to date for imagine1day.

Not only do our performers get to contribute to a great cause while having a blast, but isn’t there something  to be said about taking a chance and stepping outside of your comfort zone?

Of course, all of your friends and family will be amazed at your mad lip-sync skills (because you’ll force them all to be there for moral support), and yes, there will be prizes! Since 2014, we’ve awarded over $15 000 in prizes to our winners, as well as the teams and solo performers who have raised the most funds for imagine1day.